Sharpening Services

Anyone that’s worked in a kitchen will tell you, a sharp knife is a safe knife.

Sharpening services apply to most edged tools, not just kitchen knives! Shoot Andy an email if you’re interested in our sharpening services! Shaving sharp guaranteed!

Kitchen Knives $15-$25+

Under 6”: $15

6-10”: $20

10”+: $25+

Single Bevel Knives: $30

Blade Repair $30-$60

Blade Thinning: $30

Major repair and reprofiling: $60

EDC $10-$15

EDC Folding Knives: $10

EDC Fixed Blade: $15


Chisels: $10 each up to 1” width

Hand Planes: $10

Axes: $15

Sharpening services lead