Demonstration #1: Fire place poker

A simple demonstration.

A quick overview of the forging process for a fireplace tool.

Forging a simple fireplace poker

Begin with a simple taper.

The taper is the most basic and necessary skill in all of blacksmithing. A fireplace poker is generally nothing more than a pointed tip and a hook set behind in order to assist in positioning logs.

Working the piece rapidly and in quarter turns ensures an even surface texture and a square cross section.

Forgewelding joins the steel together and assists in creating this iconic shape.

Forgeweld the tip together

After the tip is formed, it is drawn back onto itself and forgewelded to form the hook. A new tip is drawn and forged to a blunted point.

Embellish lightly

A simple tool such as this should not be overly decorated, nor should it be left bland. A simple twist is all one needs to make a fine decorative addition.

After forging, the piece is wire brushed and wiped down with beeswax while hot, this cleans and protects the steel.